• EEL ENERGY raised nearly €3m capital 

    Eel energy at Biomim'expo

    Come and meet us at the cité des sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris

  • whale eel energy biomimicry 

    The movements of marine life are based on undulations

    Our technology reproduces the natural properties of marine life

  • Ecological Solution that protect marine life fish 
    100% Ecological Solution
    No aggressive impacts on fauna and marine life
    No visual pollution
    No "noise" pollution
    No toxic material or CO2 generation
  • The eel technology 
    Technological Breakthroughs
    Low wake level
    Low cut-in speed (0.5 m/s)
    A more effective technology than the conventional turbine
  • tidal currents world map 
    Tidal currents accessible
    to eel in the world
    Map from tips.noveltis.com
  • ocean currents world map 
    Oceanic currents for eel energy

Tidal energy: The energy of the future

A safe, widely available, renewable energy

Our technology can be applied to all types of aquatic current. Initial models have been developed for tidal currents but these can be adapted to any current.

Environmentally friendly

Eel energy is environmentally friendly
  • No pollutants or waste products.
  • No visual pollution. No impact on the shoreline.
  • Minimal area required: 10 times smaller than wind turbines.
  • No noise pollution under or above water.
  • Not harmful to wildlife.
  • Zero CO2 emissions.
  • Areas potentially navigable while machines are on the seabed.

A predictable and reliable energy source

  • Tidal energy is predictable, quantifiable, localized and regular.
  • Currents operate for approximately 20 hours a day, resulting in a load factor of 50% (as against 25% for wind turbines).
  • Only currently available solution with such benefits, making it more efficient and desirable than solar or wind energy.

Estimated potential